Smile More

I think one of the most important leadership principals that we can ever adopt is simply to smile more.

Now if you are a librarian, my apologies, but I have a concept that I call a Yes Face and a Librarian Face.

The Yes Face

The Yes Face is someone who is vibrant and inviting. You see them and their face lights up and you feel safe to ask them a question.

On the contrary, the Librarian Face is someone who has a sour, pursed-lip face that looks very edgy and may snap if you ask them the wrong question or possibly any question.

Now, some librarians are very helpful and very joyful, so of course this characterization isn’t always accurate. However, when I was recruiting volunteers, I always looked for Yes Faces. That volunteer could be the first experience a new family has at our church. They need to see a Yes Face!

Problems to be Solved

Let’s say that I, as a senior leader of our church, have a constant scowl on Sunday morning and I’m brooding around trying to solve problems. In my view, there are problems to be solved on a Sunday morning. However, could I adopt a Yes Face? Could I adopt a game face that walks around with a joyful smile?

Heaven awaits! There are a lot of reasons why I could have a smile on my face. I have a job that serves in the ministry. Yes, it’s hard, but I’m laying up treasure in heaven.

Regardless, having a smile on your face is going to be a profound win for you. People want to be around a smiling face and they shy away from a frowning, brooding face.

What Precedes You?

Have you ever been around someone and you are frequently asking “is everything OK?” because you often feel that that they are disturbed, upset, or impatient. What if different individuals see a characteristic that precedes you. If you have a grumpy face and you’re crabby in your outlook, people are not going to want to be around you. But if you are a Yes Face, a joyful smiling leader, you are inviting and people wat to be around that.

My encouragement is smile more. Now of course we have all heard the research that it takes a certain number of facial muscles to frown and a certain number of facial muscles to smile. Who cares! At the end of the day, it is more appealing and more loving and move inviting to smile. You will get farther in a leadership role by smiling than if you don’t.

Practice the smile.

Lead Ministry

By Josh Denhart. All Rights Reserved.