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"I have no one leading me, in ministry. I must rely on 'Self-Leadership' in order to grow"

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Our ever-growing library of on-demand courses will take the guesswork out of ministry leadership.
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Our personalized coaching allows your to tackle specific challenges and hone specific skills with an experienced coach.
Personal Development Plan
We don't just give you the content and leave you to it. You'll get workbooks, organizers and swipe files to build your ministry.

You Need a Step-By-Step to Grow Yourself + Grow Your Ministry

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Lead Volunteers

Learn to Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers with a proven process. Get Organized + Stop Losing Volunteers + Prevent Burnout!

  • 4 Courses: Recruit, Train, Retain, Multiply
  • 4 Leader Books + 4 Infographics
  • 73 Videos + 150 Downloads
  • 24 Individual Lessons

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