Trainings – January 2021

How to Recruit Volunteers:
Think Differently and Win

You Will Learn:

  • A Clear Plan to Recruit

  • The Recruiting “Never Do’s”

  • Practical Strategies

  • The “Heart Strategy”

How to Train Volunteers:
Do Less Starting Now.

You Will Learn:

  • Out-of-the-Box Strategies

  • An Effective Training Plan

  • How to Make Your Job Easier

  • The Training Framework

  • Ministry Meetings Template

How to Retain Volunteers:
Timeless Strategies to Win.

You Will Learn:

  • Ready to Implement Strategies

  • Done-for-You Solutions

  • The “Volunteer Health Score”

  • The Retention Framework

  • How to Remove the Guesswork

  • A Crystal-Clear Plan

How to Lead Science VBS

You Will Learn:

  • A New Approach to VBS

  • How to Easily Promote and Win

  • The Everyday Gospel

  • How to Bring New Volunteers

  • No Lame Craft Commitment

  • One-Price Promise

Help Parents Win at Home

You Will Learn How to:

  • Fresh Family Ministry Plans

  • Easy + Fun Family Devotions

  • Maintain Your Budget

  • Maintain Momentum

  • Lead During Lockdown

  • A Covid Friendly Approach

Inspire + Engage Parents

You Will Learn How to:

  • How Easy it is to Bless Parents

  • How to "Set It and Forget It"

  • Inspire With Short Videos

  • Our Videos + Your Message

  • Send Automated Emails

  • Revive Your Parents

How to Host a Science Show

You Will Learn:

  • Bring the Gospel to Your Town

  • Easy + Free Promo Hacks

  • Get 50% Guests to Your Church

  • How to Gain New Volunteers

  • Avoid Post-Event Fatigue

  • Learn the "Secret Finish Line"

How to Reach Public Schools

You Will Learn How to:

  • Lead 1-Day Local Mission Trip

  • Get Invitited Access in Schools

  • Meet Real Needs in Your Town

  • Engage Your Whole Church

  • Get Others to Pay for the Event

  • Serve Your Way into Your Town

Help Parents Win at Home

You Will Learn How to:

  • How Easy it is to Partner!

  • Bring a Science Center to Town

  • Get Others to Pay for the Event

  • Gain Live-Long Volunteers

  • See 50% Guests or More

  • Engage Your Entire Church

Recruit Webinar

Train Webinar

Retain Webinar