It’s About the Gospel

Regardless of our specific ministry context, we all have projects, programs or events that require huge amounts of effort. It can feel overwhelming at times. In the midst of it all, in the quiet of our hearts, we will inevitably ask ourselves, “What is the point?” Well, it is the Gospel.

Our labor is for the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We organize for the opportunity to proclaim salvation. We recruit and rally a regiment of moms, dads, senior saints and seniors in high school for one end: The Gospel.  Our drive, our determination and our dedication are singularly directed: It is the Gospel.  The fun is a bonus. The laughter from games is a joyful noise. The challenge of scheduling is an outlet for our well-managed OCD. a sick way, we love it. 

Yet, when it is all said and done, it IS about the Gospel. The songs point to the cross. Our prayers are ratcheted up a notch. Our hearts swell as we see impromptu gatherings of volunteers in prayer. We all want nothing more than the message of Jesus to be clearly communicated to our community.  It is about the Gospel.  The Gospel compels me. It is the why behind every late night push, the fuel behind every conquered roadblock and prize at the end of this race.  It is about the GOSPEL.

May we never forget the promises found in scripture concerning our efforts.  “Nothing you do in the Lord is in vain.” - 1st Corinthians 15:58

Lead Ministry

By Josh Denhart. All Rights Reserved.