Making Ministry Events Manageable

A Killer Event Should Not Kill Your Team

Events are Extra!

“Events are great, but they
are extra work on top of
our regular load. Sunday is
ALWAYS coming.”

Too Many Details!

“I feel overwhelmed and
scattered with all the
details of event

Stop Hating Events

"Ministry events
shouldn’t kill you or your
team. Stop loathing and
start loving events again. ”

What is Offered in Lead Events?

Stop “pre-event stress” with our 6-step process

#1 - Leadership

Leaders must know
where they are going
long before you start
the event engines.

#2 - Volunteers

Volunteers are an
essential part of a
successful event. Learn
to enlist the right people.

#3 - Promotion

The success of an
event is comes down
to your ability to get
the word out.

#4 - Going Live

Though cliche,,“You
never get a second
chance to make a first

#5 - Follow-Up

Effective events are
not dead-end roads,
but entry points for
church involvement.

#6 - Recover

A healthy event has
three important items:
Reserves, Boundaries
and Recovery.

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  • Lead Events
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  • Lead Volunteers (Multiply)
  • Lead Up
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Stop Feeling
Overwhelmed + Overworked.

Start Easily Executing Events.