He Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None

I have seen so many ministry leaders be far less effective because they are chasing so many rabbits at once. In my backyard I have plenty of rabbits. I don’t like them. But it’s fun when my young children chase a rabbit. As you well know, they never catch the rabbit. A rabbit is fast and a rabbit can turn on a dime and quickly find safety.

However, how much more difficult would it be to catch two rabbits? They each could go in a different direction and the race is on. You then are left standing in the middle looking like a fool. He who chases two rabbits catches none.

If you diligently work to catch one rabbit, you might be able to catch up. You might be able to cut the corner and you will have it in your clutches. But two rabbits is an impossibility.

Exclusive Focus

So many ministry leaders have fallen prey to trying to tackle six or seven brand new agendas at once. Every one of those agendas has need for their attention, their effort, and their hours in the day.

When we seek to tackle too much at once, we actually fail at it all. I am a firm believer in choosing a rabbit and chasing it down until that crazy thing has been caught.

That means that if I’m going to tackle a ministry initiative, I’m going to focus almost exclusively on that new initiative. I’m not going to have three or four brand new initiatives. Each initiative has enough work of its own. I’m going to focus in on one thing and I’m going to execute and ensure that the rabbit is not only caught but that it's caught, cooked, and cleaned up.

Do One Thing

Our eyes (and minds and hearts) often are far bigger than our abilities. Our dreams often surpass our ability to execute. Whether it is in business, in ministry, or in our personal lives, I think we would do far better by prioritizing what we really want to do and simply do that one thing.

It may take three months, six months, or even 18 months but if you dedicate yourself to one thing and truly seek to knock it out of the park, you’re more likely to actually do — rather than having six or seven completely different and exclusive tasks that you’re seeking to accomplish. It just doesn’t happen.

My encouragement to you is stick with one rabbit. He who chases two rabbits catches none. Be wise, pick a rabbit, and chase that thing until you’ve got it in your clutches.


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By Josh Denhart. All Rights Reserved.