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Staff Pastor for 10+ Years at a Local Church
Oversaw 7 Employees + Hundreds of Volunteers
Coached Ministry Leaders in a Variety of Contexts

My name is Josh Denhart. I understand how it feels to work at a church and rely on what I call 'Self-Leadership.' If I wanted to grow, it was up to me to take action, find mentors and discover resources. Honestly, this was frustrating for me. Is this your story? Maybe you are struggling because no one on your staff is taking the time to invest in YOU. We all need community, connection and direction. I don't think it's right for you to lead in isolation. I believe everyone deserves to have an experienced and engaged mentor in their life. You CAN become a stronger leader. You just need someone to pour into your life, listen to your story and provide you with a sense of accountability. I would be honored to walk with you in ministry.

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You Deserve an Engaged Mentor in Your Life

Mentorship + Direction + Validation

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Become a Premium Member


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