A 1-Year Install to Build a
Lead Volunteers Staff Culture

Your Team Should Not Be Scattered
and Confused

You Need Unity

"Our staff is NOT on the
same page."

"Every area has their own

"Our staff lacks a unified language."

You Need a Plan

"We have good intentions, but can’t get organized."

"We need a clear plan for leading volunteers."

"We need a plan, but are not sure where to start."

You Must Multiply

"We struggle to keep key volunteers long-term."

"We will NEVER be able to
hire to fill all our needs!"

"We need staff leaders who multiply themselves."

Helping Your Church Staff
Implement a Proven Plan

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Get Organized + Retain Volunteers + Prevent Burnout

The 1-Year Install Deliverables

A clear plan for all to follow

Team unity and alignment

A defined system for all areas

A simple, repeatable framework

Years of inaction now resolved

An action plan bringing big results.

*Most clients don't realize they've been stuck for years.
The 1-Year Install gets your entire team moving again.

A Seamless Strategy for Every
Area in the Church

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Recruit, Train and Retain!

Steps to Initiate the 1-Year Install


Your team needs a proven and clear path to Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers.

Make a Plan

Installs include two onsite visits, leader coaching calls and Lead Volunteers Memberships for all staff.

Reap Benefits

Create a common language, team alignment and gain ministry health immediately!

Stop the Pain and Start to Retain
Volunteers NOW!

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Recruit, Train and Retain!