Unity is a Kingdom Value

I believe that unity is one of the most important things that can occur inside the local church. We need to be unified.

Now, that can be very difficult at times. There have been occasions where behind closed doors I was vehemently opposed to a decision that we as a church were making. I had enough courage and enough relationship with my senior leaders that behind closed doors I would aggressively showcase my rationale for why I felt we should not move in a particular direction. I used my voice of persuasion behind closed doors. Sometimes we would modify the decision based on my input and sometimes we would not.

Moving out of that isolated back room of a leadership discussion, we would now move into a more public arena for where the rest of the church would begin to think about and interact with the decisions that we as a church were making. Now, notice I didn’t say that those leaders were making. Nope! I made this decision with them behind closed doors. I didn’t agree with it, but once that door opens up, I want to seek to be a united front. That is very difficult but it is extremely important.

Healthy, Unified Front

There were times where I had to articulate a vision that I did not agree with. There were times where I had to argue against someone’s rationale about this decision. The same argument that I brought behind closed doors and I had to find a way to retain my integrity and yet showcase a healthy, united front.

I am not a person who is robotically obedient. That is not who I am. I think for myself and I operate quite independently. However, that doesn’t mean that I am going to lead the leadership discussion into the public arena and tear down a decision that has been made. That can’t happen. There is nothing more toxic for the senior leadership than a senior leader publically dismantling their idea.

Move Forward in Support

Unity is a kingdom value. If I don’t get my way, can I move forward and support this decision. I found myself, on many occasions, reluctantly saying yes.

If, however, you find yourself unable at some point to agree publically with the decisions that are being made and you cannot keep up a united front with your senior leadership, it may be time for you to consider praying about transitioning out of that role. There are seasons of life and seasons of ministry. If you cannot get behind big picture decisions that your church is making, it may be time for you to go.

The church literally has no room for a divided house. A divided house cannot stand. It will fall. This is God’s church and the last thing you want to be is a factor of public disunity. You should be very cautious and tread very lightly.

Express Your Thoughts

Think for yourself, express your thoughts, earn the right to be heard. But once a decision has been made, keep unity at all costs. Unity does not mean lying. Unity does not mean that I turn off my brain and robotically repeat a set of phrases that I have been told to say. I can use my creativity, my voice and my logic but I have to present a united front.

Unity is a kingdom value.


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By Josh Denhart. All Rights Reserved.